Soaring High

The Company

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Time to market has become key to success of a business in the dynamic environment of current global business. The challenge is to create Innovative offerings, finding the right talent to deliver it at reasonable costs on time and of course, consistently.

Customer satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction and growth are our key goals. We work with our customers to help them build reliable and efficient product and to deliver assured support to their customers. This helps our customers to grow the business, deliver better, more reliable and flexible product. Our outsourced quality assurance services allow customers to minimize engineering failures, improve reliability of design and cut down on costs.

At Tech Vulcan, we believe in bringing cutting edge technology solutions within the reach of every corporate to experience the full advantage of it. We stop at nothing when it comes to commitment and delivery. We are committed to keep investing in building better quality teams continuously to deliver high quality services to our customers.

We at Tech Vulcan, founded by professionals with decades of experience in the VLSI industry and mentored by an eminent Advisory Panel from the business world will help you overcome these challenges

The Management Team

Pradeep Mishra

President & CEO

Pradeep has over 25+ years of experience in the field of VLSI ASIC design. Prior to founding Tech Vulcan, Pradeep was Director of Engineering at Qualcomm, San Diego and later, at Bangalore. His team executed design of complex wireless SOCs from Bangalore. Prior to Qualcomm, Pradeep was Project Manager at Arcus Technology and Semiconductor Complex Limited.

Pradeep has worked on Std Cell, Sea of Gates library design, Design of FPGAs, Mask Design, Semi Custom, full custom and mixed signal ASIC design. Pradeep has a proven track record to lead multiple projects from definition to commercialization, with efficient resource utilization on tight schedules.

Pradeep holds a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communication from Institute of Technology-BHU, Varanasi (India).

Anil Pandey

Chief Operating Officer

Anil has 18+ years of experience in all aspects of VLSI ASIC design: Micro architecture, RTL design, Synthesis & STA, Formal verification, Functional Simulation, Power aware design and post Si bring up. Prior to founding Tech Vulcan, Anil was Sr. Project Manager at Qualcomm for 8+ years. In his latest role at Qualcomm as chip lead, executed MSM6295/MDM6215 complex wireless SOCs from Bangalore.

Prior to Qualcomm, Anil was System Architect at Uniwide Technologies, Seoul and Design Engr at U&I system design, Bangalore. 

Anil holds M-Tech in Electronics & Communication from Allahabad University, India.


Vishal Nikalje

VP, Engineering & GM

Vishal has 18+ years of experience in the field of VLSI ASIC design. Prior to Co-founding Tech Vulcan, Vishal worked at Qualcomm for 8+ years as Sr Project Manager and chip lead. Vishal was responsible for execution of complex designs of MSMs / MDMs / CSMs targeting technology nodes ranging from 90nm to 28nm.

Prior to Qualcomm, Vishal was Sr. Lead Engineer at Basil Networks, India, Sr. Design Engineer at Peta-Switch Solutions, USA, Design Engineer at Spike Technologies, USA and ControlNet India. 

Vishal holds a B.E. in Electronics & Telecommunication from College Of Engineering Pune (COEP), India.